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Selfcare begins by learning to listen and attend to our energetic being.  This weekend you will learn:
•A practical understanding of the auric field
•The relationship of our aura to our physical and emotional well-being
•How connecting to the earth affects us physically and emotionally
•Why we tend to struggle with the same emotional challenges
•What the chakras have to do with it!
Each step, of this weekend journey will be in formed and enriched by our sacred centers. With the chakras as our guides, we will confirm an intention for our path forward, and with ritual we will affirm and strengthen our energetic boundaries.  When we tune into our energy, the body conveys its inherent wisdom to us.  It will let us know what we need if we can learn to listen.  Our healing practices become tailored to our specific circumstances and energetic state, and we gain the capacity to resolve our unique challenges in ways that supports our spiritual growth and evolution.  Awakening to this self knowledge empowers us to find our purpose and live a fuller, more authentic life. 
Om Namah Sivaya
"I honor all you are capable of becoming"
As part of the Sacred Centers Faculty, Melinda offers this program as both a personal development course, and as the 102 Energy Awareness course required for Sacred Center Certification. 

Sound Bath with Abi
Saturday, August 6th

Sound healing has many wide reaching benefits. It has the ability to lower stress levels, decrease high blood pressure, improve sleep, and invite deep states of awareness. Not only do the sound waves have an impact on our physical body but they also have a tremendous impact on our mental state. When the mind settles we are able to tap into profound experiences within ourselves that are normally inaccessible because of the everyday stresses of life.

In the beginning of this session, Abigail Pomeroy will lead you through breathing exercises and yoga postures to nurture our state of awareness and bring ourselves closer to the heart center. Class will end with a 50 minute journey into sound through the use of crystal bowls, bronze bowls, and a wind gong.

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