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Selfcare begins by learning to listen and attend to our energetic being.  This weekend you will learn:
•A practical understanding of the auric field
•The relationship of our aura to our physical and emotional well-being
•How connecting to the earth affects us physically and emotionally
•Why we tend to struggle with the same emotional challenges
•What the chakras have to do with it!
Each step, of this weekend journey will be in formed and enriched by our sacred centers. With the chakras as our guides, we will confirm an intention for our path forward, and with ritual we will affirm and strengthen our energetic boundaries.  When we tune into our energy, the body conveys its inherent wisdom to us.  It will let us know what we need if we can learn to listen.  Our healing practices become tailored to our specific circumstances and energetic state, and we gain the capacity to resolve our unique challenges in ways that supports our spiritual growth and evolution.  Awakening to this self knowledge empowers us to find our purpose and live a fuller, more authentic life. 
Om Namah Sivaya
"I honor all you are capable of becoming"
As part of the Sacred Centers Faculty, Melinda offers this program as both a personal development course, and as the 102 Energy Awareness course required for Sacred Center Certification. 

Contentment from Within with Tara Eschenroeder 

Friday, October 7, 2022

How much time do you spend moving towards where you want to be versus being content with where you are? Where can you create space in your life? What would that space allow you to let in? What do you cling to (mentally & physically)? How could letting go of this allow you to let yourself live more fully and deeply?

Explore these questions and perhaps begin to work towards answers as you join Tara for a journey into the philosophy behind Santosha, the second of the five Niyamas. Navigate towards contentment that exists within (no matter what life may have to offer) as we partake in journaling and discussion and flow through a Vinyasa practice. This will be followed by various practices that encourage finding that place of true acceptance and contentment, including progressive relaxation, visualization, and yoga nidra.

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Autumnal Equinox Sound Bath
Saturday, September 24th

Join Elizabeth Pattillo for a gentle yoga practice and sound bath where we will reflect on your personal harvests from the past year. Entering the last few months of the year is a great time to take stock of what blossomed in spring and grew through summer, creating the abundance you will experience through fall. There will be time for gentle observation through journaling of what you nurtured and how that area of your life has evolved since the vernal equinox in March. We will also set intentions for the autumn so we can reflect on them at the winter solstice.

Bring your favorite journal and pen!